Covering children on the ground, lying down and begging… is it a begging style?


We see many different types of begging in the capital. But some of the begging is done using children as well, so it breaks the heart and asks more than just giving alms.

Our families who brought us the suggestion told us that it is a habit of children to lie down and beg especially at intersections.

Tikvah Ethiopia contacted Addis Ababa Women’s and Children’s Office on this issue

The case is well-known as an office; Ato Andualem Tafese, who is the director of children’s rights and security at the office, says that it is a very serious and troubling issue for us. However, they said that the office does not have the authority to prohibit or enforce the law.

The director added, “We don’t have a law that criminalizes begging, which is getting worse, or prohibits abusive begging procedures, so we can’t tell these mothers not to go out and beg.”

What is included in the manual?

The directive allows mothers with children to spend their children in day care; The director explained that a system will be established where the children can be taken back to a convenient place and they can do various jobs that generate income.

What services do children receive while in foster care? What kind of things should be met? What kind of children come in here? He added that he will answer what they say and that the Justice Bureau has given a legal opinion and sent it to the Finance Bureau.

This is not only for the children who beg on the street, but also for those whose children are disabled and unable to work. For parents who stay at home with only their children; He explained that the guidelines have been prepared in such a way that it can embrace all those whose children are in prison (keeping them for a long time).

The director pointed out that the guidelines have been prepared while also thinking about the ways in which their parents can earn income if their children are in custody.
Is that why they steal the children to beg?

According to the information of the office, it is frequently heard that a child is missing and the reason for one of the children’s disappearance is to generate income.

For example, in the period of 2014/15, around 58 cases of child disappearance were registered, out of which it was stated that the children were stolen and used for income generation in two ways.

The first one is kidnapping a child and bargaining for money, and the second one is as we see now, we hear that they take the children in different ways and use them for begging.

He said the office is preparing a legal framework to address the problem.

Mr. Andualem Tafese, who is the director of children’s rights and welfare, pointed out that the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs is preparing to issue a decree that can prohibit (stop) this practice by law and that the draft has been completed.

The Director, who said that he thinks that this decree will bring great relief if it is implemented, mentioned that the office has prepared guidelines until the decree is implemented.

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