I find that meeting the Prime Minister is the only option” – Confederation of Ethiopian Workers’ Unions


The Confederation of Ethiopian Workers’ Unions (ISMACO) asked Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) to talk to the leaders of the confederation about the pressing issues of the workers.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the confederation stated that it would help to get answers to the workers’ questions, including the issues they were going to raise publicly on this year’s May Day holiday.

Ismako, who mentioned in his letter that Ethiopian workers and their families are in a situation where they cannot live due to the ever-increasing cost of living, said, ‘I find it necessary and the only option to meet the Prime Minister.’

In the letter, Ismaco mentioned that despite the fact that in the past, it has submitted questions to the relevant government bodies in various ways regarding the pressing questions of the workers, it has not been able to get a response.

In the letter, the government bodies to which the workers’ request was made in the past are showing a tendency to push the request aside.

Source: Reporter newspaper

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