“If I am charged, I will return” – Ato Ldetu Ayalew


“If I am charged, I will return” – Ato Ldetu Ayalew

Gumtu politician Ato Ldetu Ayaleu, who is one of the individuals who have been issued extradition warrants by the government for “suspicion of terrorism” has announced that he will return to Ethiopia from the US if they are “charged”.

Ato Ldetu stated that he was told by his lawyer that he has not been charged yet and if he is charged, he will return to Ethiopia from America.

He stated this in an interview with BBC Amhargya.

What did the politician Ato Ldetu Ayaleu say?

“…I’m talking to my lawyer. I haven’t been charged yet. It’s just being reported on the radio and television, there’s no charge. I’ll go when the charge is filed.”

It is useless for me to leave before the charges are filed. There is no point in boasting about the appointment. Until then, I will follow up on my treatment.

If the judges allow me to stay until my next treatment when the charges are filed, I will stay. If they won’t let me, I will cancel my medical appointments. “

Ato Ledetu on the terror charge

“I came here because I had a medical appointment, not to live here in the first place. I was thinking that I will return to my country soon. I was late because I had an unfinished medical appointment. When the terrorism charges came, I said that I will leave sooner than I thought.”

If there is a legal requirement, if there is a case of questioning as a terrorist, I decided to go because I don’t want to live away from the decision and question of the High School.

… Considering the state of the country, I have delayed until now because I might face problems in going back. I still have a medical appointment. But if legal liability comes, nothing can be done.

The crime I was accused of is completely out of line with my history and identity. The system has its own reason for doing this. One reason is that I am not ready to accept this willingly because I am afraid of such charges and will not return to my country.

I am a peaceful activist. I always believe in the law. I have been arrested five times in the past and I was acquitted in court. I will go back that way and say that I must face the system.

None of us will have our own reasons for not being arrested, for not paying the price. Struggle means breaking all these things and paying the price that should be paid.

About the problems they face when they enter Ethiopia…

“‘I don’t think the problem I will face when I go is easy. I believe it will be difficult. That problem may even cost me my life.

But I do not believe that Ethiopia’s situation, the situation of the people, will change if people are not prepared to pay the price at this level. I believe that a person at my level should pay that price and be a role model for the struggle.

About the possibility of being arrested by the police when entering Ethiopia…

‘I have the experience. It is not my first arrest. I have been in this kind of struggle for the last 31 years. It is not new to me as I have been arrested about 6 times.

I know that the individuals mentioned in the statement with me are being hunted and arrested; I know that the police will be waiting for me at the airport and that she will arrest me. I have psychological preparation for this.”

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