The plenary session of the Holy Synod for the ordination of priests in May 2015 was opened today


In this regard, the Holy Patriarch delivered an opening speech.

what are they saying

His Holiness Abune Mathias I, Patriarch of Ethiopia, Archbishop Zeaxum Wechige, in his speech at the Modern Religion, said that at present, the church as a church and the people as a nation are going through trials.

“Therefore, more than ever, we need to realize that there are issues that we pay special attention to,” he said.

“So that the problems of our church and our people are not prolonged, we need to know that now is the time to work hard for our church,” said the Holy Patriarch.

He pointed out that the problems faced by the church cannot be solved by persuasion and marriage without this wisdom.

“Especially in #Tigray and #Oromya areas, the challenges we have faced are beyond the church and also the public, so it is better to listen to the people’s questions and accept their requests with wisdom and love in a manner that respects the religion and the canon.

“In general, fathers and mothers should do what they should do for their children and we should embrace them,” he added.

“‘If we have wronged, wronged and offended, we should have the courage to ask for forgiveness and repent,” said the Holy Patriarch.

“There is no doubt that the problem can be alleviated with this Christian wisdom,” they announced.

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