Addis Ababa Security Bureau said, “You don’t go out in the street” with this question – Ato Kasahun Folo


“Addis Ababa Security Bureau said, “You don’t go out in the street” with this question – Ato Kasahun Folo

The Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions (ISEMACO) had planned to hold a peaceful demonstration in Addis Ababa today to request the government to reduce income tax, but the government has announced that the demonstration has been banned.

As the president of the confederation, Kasahun Folo, informed; The march was scheduled to take place on May Day, which is celebrated today.

The main purpose of the rally; The worker was unable to live up to the cost of living, to ask the government to reduce income tax, and to demand a minimum wage floor, agency workers’ 20/8 pay, and the right to organize.

However, ISEMACO has informed that the State Security Bureau has prohibited this rally from taking place.

Kasahun Folo, President of ISEMACO; In Addis Ababa alone, more than 100,000 workers were said to be participating in the demonstration, which was banned by the city’s peace and order office.

On Tuesday, April 17, we informed the city administration about the demonstration; We said goodbye when we talked to the Peace and Security Office, but we were forbidden to raise our voices on the day the calendar closed.

“‘Permits are not required to hold the demonstration. We have informed them to protect our safety. The Addis Ababa Security Bureau said that you will not go out in the square with this question. They said that we will respect the law, so we prevented the worker from getting hurt,” they said.

Addis Ababa Police said in a notice issued last night that there are no public events or processions in Addis Ababa city, nor any meeting that the police or administrative bodies are aware of.

The data was obtained from Al-Ain, the Confederation of Ethiopian Workers’ Unions (ISEMACO) and the Police.

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