On one side, it seems to be stable, but on the other side, we are seeing that a conflict is happening” – The Holy Patriarch


His Holiness Abune Mathias I, the Patriarch of Ethiopia, Archbishop Zeaxum Wechige of the Mahabere Tekle Religion, in his opening speech of the Holy Synod of the Holy Synod, which he delivered today, emphasized the issue of national peace.

The Holy Patriarch; He said that the peace situation in our country seems to be stable on one side, but on the other side, we are seeing that a conflict is happening.

He stressed that this will inevitably harm the development of the Church, the people, and the country.

Therefore, the Church does not exist without the country and the people, so we need to work hard for peace with a religious principle and spirit, an independent position and an all-inclusive strategy to resolve conflicts peacefully, to ensure the unity and development of its people.

In addition, the Holy Patriarch said, “We need to see in this conference how we can quickly reach our children and comfort and support the destroyed churches and displaced believers in the northern part of our country due to the unnecessary heavy war.”

He has emphatically conveyed his paternal call to those who are currently involved in unnecessary conflict to stop the conflict and try to solve the problems through peaceful dialogue.

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